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Do you need oak dining room chairs to match your table?

Together with pine, oak is one of the most popular woods to have around the home and in commercial environments. With its highly beautiful and unique grain markings, it is often popular for prestigious settings, such as the House of Commons.

The wood’s mass appeal isn’t hard to understand: oak is beautiful, resilient and robust. As a dense and strong hardwood, oak is long-lasting and highly resistant to insect and fungal attacks.

Oak complements many decorating styles, with the wood capable of having intricate designs without harming the wood.

If you’re searching for oak dining chairs, Sylvan 4 Furniture have a massive range of oak furniture, including a huge choice of chairs and tables.

Most of our oak dining chairs are made from European white oak due to its light straight grain appearance, they are then finished with a low sheen lacquer finish to protect the timber however we also offer a colour-matching service for all of our chairs. Discounts are available for four or more chairs.

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