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Painted Furniture Disclaimer

Small shakes and indentations in our paint finishes are perfectly normal and not classed as faults, please remember that in most cases the paint is covering wood and so is likely to sink into air pockets in the timber. Over time and in heated environments the timber will flex this might cause a small amount of cracking on the joints which is perfectly normal.

All of our paint finishes are repaint-able.

We will endeavor where required to get as close a paint match as possible to the sample colour requested but the nature of hand mixing a large batch of paint can sometimes mean that a slight variance might be seen particularly when purchased at a later date, similar to dye batch differences in wallpaper.

Knot Bleed is a natural feature when painting pine and is very difficult to avoid, even allowing for 2-3 coats of primer and 3-4 coats of paint over time as the knots darken it is possible to see the shape of the knot showing through the paint if this is something that would take away your enjoyment of our furniture we have a variety of knot free materials that we can use during manufacture.

To receive our painted range "Fully Painted" you need to agree to the following conditions

You agree to pay the full painted price, No discount will be given.

Fully painted items are supplied on a non return basis.

The reasons for the above are that painted tops are very hard to obtain a flawless finish, it shows up all blemishes and defects within the timber, and they damage easily.