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Incredibly, there are over 600 extant species of oak, so there is a great deal of choice when it comes to furniture. With its great strength and hardness, it’s always been a popular choice for not only furniture but ships and flooring.

So, why choose North American White Oak for your furniture?

North American White Oak is a beautiful pale, golden wood that is perfect for modern furniture. It has a medium-high density, good strength and is much more affordable than its European cousin. Combining aesthetics with affordability, it will blend with any interior design scheme.

Introducing the Dorset Oak Furniture Collection.

If you’re looking for pieces which made the most of this wood, the Dorset Oak Range could be ideal. With thick breadboard end feature tops, the furniture is both immaculate but has an age-old look.

The Dorset Oak Range is characterised by clean straight lines, stylish panels, and dove-tailed joints on its drawers. Whether you’re buying for a living room, bedroom or sitting room, this beautiful range of furniture will give you more storage space.

Their furniture is finished with a protective layer of soft-sheen lacquer to enhance the grain and has modern square style chrome knobs.