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Silvanus meaning "of the woods" in Latin) was a Roman deity of woods and fields. As protector of forests (sylvestris deus), he especially presided over plantations and delighted in trees growing wild. He is also described as a god watching over the fields, protecting in particular the boundaries of fields, Silvanus is described as fond of music; the syrinx was sacred to him, and he is mentioned along with the Pans and Nymphs. In works of Latin poetry and art, Silvanus always appears as an old man, Silvanus, was similar in character to Faunus, the god of animals, with whom he is often identified.

We are a family run business based in St. Helens.

We specialise in wood and painted furniture and we don't just buy in and pass it on, we actually  manufacture and finish too, so we understand the build quality and finishing touches required to produce a long lasting high quality piece of furniture that will grace your home for years to come. Even our imported furniture ranges which are mainly sourced in China are thoroughly checked before they reach our customers. If drawers or doors have moved during the 12 weeks these items spend on the ships we have the ability to put them right with our skilled cabinetmakers, a facility that most furniture retailers cannot offer.

We've traded for 20 years, most of our orders now come from recommendation from our customers, so happy with the high quality furniture, and personal bespoke service, that they pass our details on to family and friends.

If you the customer damage your furniture due to an accident or heat damage, WE can sort it out.

Orders can be placed online, within our shop or by telephone using our credit card facilities.

We guarantee that we will offer you exactly what you want at an affordable price.