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Frequently referred to as the nation’s favourite tree, there are around 600 types of oak in the world. The wood is strong and long-lasting, it has been used to make many famous ships, including the HMS Victory, and is the symbol for our National Trust. It’s hardly surprising that it’s also one of the most popular types of wood for furniture.

At Sylvan 4 Furniture, we have many beautiful collections of oak furniture to suit your unique taste, including our Avon Oak Furniture Range.

This traditionally crafted range has dovetailed joints, combined with the contemporary twist of having no overhangs. Pieces in this range also have curved antique bronze handles which make furniture look instantly classy.

Handmade from rustic oiled oak, each piece will bring a lovely ambience to any room.

We have a sale on this autumn to save you money on our beautiful furniture, including on the Avon Oak Furniture range. For instance, this versatile 2 Door, 3 Drawer Sideboard provides generous amount of storage for any room, and is currently reduced from £549.00 to £494.10.

If you’re looking for a side table for your living room or bedroom, this collection also includes this Drawer Console which is both stylish and practical. Currently reduced to £148.00, it’s also highly affordable.

Check out our range of Avon Oak Furniture today.